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Banner Pens

Banner Pens

Banner pens or known as Scroll pen,There is a pull out banner inside of the pen barrel, retractable banner pen with a 16.8 * 6 cm imprint area can help
you with your marketing by the promotional message that can be seen by your client.You can print a calendar or advertisement on the banner of Flag pens,
The banner will automatically retract. This banner pen leaves a long-lasting impression on all potential customers..

Retractable Banner Pens Artwork BNP301214-1

Retractable Banner Pens Artwork

Promotional Banner Pen Art

Promotional Banner Pen Art front sidePromotional Banner Pen Art Back Side

Banner Pen Feature:

PMS186c Banner Pen Pre-Production Sample

Banner Pen Pre-Production Sample

Banner Pen Packing

Banner Pen Packing

Blue Banner Pen

Blue Banner Pen

Banner Pen Pre Poduction Sample

banner pen pre poduction sample

Blue Banner Paper Proof

Blue Banner Pen Art

Customized Requirement

We are China Direct Wholesales for promo business,We advice that you can have your brand logo on the front side of the flag pen and calendar the other side.
You can have customized all as your need.

Banner Pen Paper Proof

It is free of is a unique way to get your message out into the university, restaurant, auto shop, animal shelter or small business,trade show, college fair,
restaurant or clothing store. A full-color printed banner, can be pulled out from the barrel of the pen for marketing in the hand of your client

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