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MM : = CM : = Inch :
Fill above blanks to convert MM, CM to inch in fractions.

Graduation of an inch: ",

Please Tell Us Your Result About PPI?

How To Convert Inches To Fractions

if you need to convert decimal to fraction,You

What is PPI(Pixels Per Inch)?

If you Need a Accuratelly Size and set the right PPI.It will be accuratelly.There is possibility that This may inaccuratelly because there are some setting Which can effect the result.It include as below:

How to caculate the PPI of my screen?

Here are example:

How To Calculate PPI

You can find a Online calculate PPI

Diagonal Screen Size Resolution Width Resolution High PPI

Online fraction ruler

If you need a online fraction measurements on a ruler.It is best idea.

1: Google You diagonal screen size

Here is best way if you do not have a ruler or anything can help you with.First Please GOOGLE and see how your computer brand's screen computer's called BENQ GW2245,SO I google and found that it is 21.5 inches for diagonal screen size.

2 : See the resolution of your computer by check the Controller Panel.

MM, CM, Inch

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