Custom Car Sun Shade

Custom Printed Auto Window Shades

We can print as your imagination at your car sun shield Our car sun shade are made of environmental friendly net or mesh fabric,
it can protect both your baby and your interior decoration of your car from hot summer. we know that auto fan’s dream who consider them
as part of your life and I take good care of them all the time, you know what would be happen to you car dashboard and genuine leather
seat if it park under the blazing sun for quite a long time, More likely to accelerate aging and fade in colour. if you jump into a car under sun exposure,
i am sure it would be affects all of your or your family in one way or another, directly or indirectly. For example, fragrant and pleasant driving makes people happy.
Driving under sun exposure makes people testy. If you are driving a new car which may lead to toxic gas release under sunshine.
It is harmful to your family at an indiscernible increase in temperature of you car. Measuring that harm is difficult, But we must know that keep cooling of you car is very important job.

Custom Windshield Sun Shade

windshield sun shade
Do you need custom windshield sun shade ? This car sun shade is the most popular style. It is car sun shade design for front window or rear window. easy to take everywhere and

Frost Car Sun Shade

Frost car sun shade
You may need a windshield covers for ice and snow or windscreen frost protector which can work as snow guard windshield cover and protect windshield from ice and snow..

Silver Foil Car Sun Shade

Bubble car sun shade
It is design for windshield and rear windows with bubble material.can be full color design which will attact everyone's attation.

Cardboard Windshield Sunshade

Cardboard windshield sun shade
Cardboard windshield sun shade is made of paper and you have have a silver foil on the surface which relfect all sunlight from your car.

Tyvek Car Sun Shade

Tyvek car sun shade
It is Tyvek material material that belong to Dupont and this non-woven fabrics looks different from others'

Side Windows Car Sunshade

Side Windows Car Sunshade
It is design for side windows and best gift for you magzine brand related with baby products, Best Easy Twist Folding and easy to open.

Retractable Car Sun Shade

Retractable car sun shade
It is retractable sun shade that you can have full color logo on it. the retractable length is custom made. so it can be used for rear,side,windshield windows

Truck Windshield Sun Shade

Retractable car sun shade
it is custom sunshade designed for Hanwag truck,GOLD PRINCE Tipper truck,Ouman Heavy Vehicles Automotive 5 series truck or any truck..

Cling Sunshade For Car

Cling Sunshade For Car
It is side car window clings which is made of Static Film,You do not need the sucker for your sunshade any more.

Rear Window Sunshade

Rear Window Sunshade
The automobile glass rear sunshade is suitable for various rear windows of auto models,it can help you car isolated from more than 90% of the sun light the process of installation is very fast

Let's me show you how we protect you family from sunlight

* NOTE : *First we need to print you art on the mesh fabric and we need to completed the final work through machine stitch, So if the art you offer are in FRAME which do not display well on mesh sun shade.

Customised sun shade/ Personalized windshield Sun Shade

Reflective silver foil chases the sun away in hot summer and absorbs the heat for those cold winter. It is Easy Twist Folding and custom fit for each vehicle.

Our promotional gift are good for Roadshows, Conferences,Press Launches,Product Launches,Brand Experiences,Event Merchandise,Parties.


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Question:I am going to play order here. But can i want to use silver foil material replace. I do not like the mesh as you called.

Yes. High possibility. Please send us the AI, So we can make decision.


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