Custom Cardboard Sunshade For Automobile

Custom Cardboard Car Sun Shade

The cardboard windshield sun shade shade is car window covers that reduces the sun's UV rays and heat

yellow background custom cardboard windshield car sun shade

Custom Cardboard Car Sun Shade

yellow background custom cardboard windshield car sun shade

Cardboard Windshield Sun Shade Feature:

Cardboard Windshield Sun Shadee Packing:

Logo printed introduction

You can have a full color full coverage printed or only solid color one side and silver foil one side. The max printing area is 51" x 24 "
Our tooling cost is 850USD with extra 20days for full color logo. If you want only solid cost please contact with our sales for price.

Cardboard car sun shade packing
Cardboard car sun shade folding

Custom Size Sun Shade

Standard Size for sunshades which have two cirle is 130*60cm which is suitable for most of the car. If you need a custom size car sun shades for special vehicle. Please send us more information.

Order completed time

If you want a cheap or ecomomic windshield sun shade. The cardboard windshield sun shade is your best chioce. It works same as sunshade but save your cost.
And you sun shade is stand out from other's shade. It will draw all the people's attation because it is different. If you want to show your brand or started advertising on the sun shade. Please feel free to contact with us.

Variety windshield car sun shade are available:

Cardboard windshield sun shade with you logo.

The cardboard windshield sun shade

Full color full coverage cardboard sun shade with sailing ship scenery on it

Completed cardboard windshield

Full color full coverage cardboard sun shade with word Go river cats on it

Custom cardboard windshield sun shade

Custom cardboard of the sunshade

Custom cardboard sunshade with good view

Blue cardboard car sun shade with logo

blue cardboard car sun shade

Custom side windows car sun shade with Custom Logo Printed

Blank cardboard car sun shade

blank cardboard car sun shade

Completed cardboard

palm view cardboard car sun shade

How to use the side windows car sun shade?

you can find the steel wire cicle which can be easy twist and folding, Please open it careful, if you find that the sucker is not work and falls from the windows,
Please soak sucker in the water or drop water in the sucker,Please take windows car sun shade off beofre you roll the window down.

Please let me know your idea?


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