Personalized Hand Clappers

Custom Large Hand Clappers -Fan Noise Makers

The Hand Clappers are Made of plastic material with bright color and durable! Gently shake can make the crisp applause voice,
each hand clappers is composed of three pieces of hand, it is great items for birthday Patty, class evening, school activities, community activities,
corporate events, concerts, parties, large-scale events, such as the opening ceremony, entertainment, etc....

Custom Hand Noise Maker Supplier

Personalized Hand Clappers Digital Proof

if you are sponsoring a Football team.it would be great items

Personalized Hand Clappers Digital Proof

Personalized Hand Clappers With Logo

Personalized Hand Clappers Toy

Custom Hand Clappers Noisemakers With Three Size

There are three sizes for hand clappers. This Giant Green Hand Clapper is made of sturdy plastic that measures approximately 11" high.

Plastic Hand Clappers With Three Size

Large Size Hand Clapper Feature:

Middle Size Hand Clapper Feature:

Small Size Hand Clapper Feature:

personalized crab mallets packing

Plastic Hand Clappers

Plastic Hand Clappers
Plastic Hand Clappers

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