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KMH is China's leading promotional supplier and wholesaler who specialize in producing promotional products,Please see10000+ China Direct Wholesaler Catalog..

Custom Car Sun Shade

Windshield Sun Shade, Cardboard Windshield Sun Shade, Retractable Car Sun Shade, Bubble Car Sun Shade, Tyvek Car Sun Shade Mesh Car Sun Shade ... etc.

Custom Magic 8 Ball

7 cm magic 8 ball, 12 cm magic 8 ball, 10 cm magic 8 ball, softball shape magic 8 ball 4 Size Magic 8 ball With Custom Gift Box For Ball,Or Online Custom Answers Design Tool.

Custom Google Cardboard

Custom Vr Cardboard Sunglasses,Custom Google Cardboard V2.0, Custom VR Cardboard, VR Cardboard In Mobile Package, Custom Virtual Reality Box

Smartphone Wireless Charging

Smartphone Wireless Charging,Wireless Charging For Car, QI Wireless Charger Receiver Module, Custom Wireless Charging Pad

Custom Trophies

if you would be in a position to manufacture custom trophies.Here we have Custom Tennis Trophy or Fantasy Baseball Trophy or Personalized Trophies

Custom First Aid Kits

We can offer more than 1 options for your reference. Military First Aid Kit | Pet First Aid Kit | Home First Aid Kit | First Aid Box First Aid Backpack | Custom Pill Box | Car First Aid Kit

Logo Projector Pen

Plastic Projector Pen, Plastic keychain, Projector Winebottle Keychain, soccer shaped projector keychain or new Laser Projector Keyboard

Custom Ruler

You can have Custom Plastic Ruler or Fishing Ruler or Metal Ruler or Spirit Level or Slap Bracelet Ruler

Personalized Crab Mallets

There are three crab mallets,They are Personalized Crab Mallets, Wooden Crab Mallets, Pewter Crab Mallets

Personalized Temporary Tattoos

You can have Personalized Temporary Tattoos

Cocktail Pitcher

We offer cocktail pitcher idea by custom Cocktail Pitcher with logo or Plastic Conical Flask

Menu Holder Dispaly

You can have custom Stainless Steel Menu Holder or Metal Menu Holder

Personalized Keychains

All custom shape include Custom Rubber Keychains or Personalized Floating Key Chains or Custom Rubber Keychains,Anti Lost Tracker

Custom Hand Fans

We can offer the Custom Chinese Folding Hand Fans, Or Led Message Fan

Refillable Perfume Bottle

You can have Refillable Perfume Bottle or custom logo bottle on your online store.

Fruit Infuser Tumbler

You can create own Custom Yeti Rambler or Fruit Infuser Water Bottle or Custom Traverse Tumbler, Electric Juice Cup, A5 Flat Bottle

UV Silicone Bracelets

need UV Color and Sunsense Wristband? Custom snap bracelets,
Custom slap bracelets, Online Custom QR Code Bracelet, Custom Embossed Silicone Bracelets, ect.....

Custom Umbrellas

Custom Folding Umbrella, Custom Golf Umbrella, Custom Paper Parasol, Disposable rain ponchos,

Custom Banner Pen

Custom Banner Pen, Feather Quill Pen, Rotating Message Pen, Baseball Bat Pen, Personalized Business Pens..

Logo Lenses Sunglasses

Logo Lenses Sunglasses, Light Up Shutters Sunglasses, Minecraft Mosaic Sunglasses, Pinhole Sunglasses, Removable Sticke Logo Lens Glasses, Lab Safety Goggles

Rubiks Puzzle Cube

Rubiks Puzzle Cube, Custom Puzzle Cube, Folding Puzzle Cube,

Usb Flash Drives

You can buy Custom USB wristband,Swivel USB drive Key shape usb, Custom Usb Flash Drives, Credit Card Usb Drives,

Custom Baseball Caps

Custom Baseball Caps,Beanie and Buff, Glow In The Dark Hats, Custom Embroidered Baseball Caps, Snapback Flat Bill Hats or Custom Bucket Hats

Custom Thunderstick

Custom Square Top Thunderstick, Custom Round Top Thunder Sticks or Custom Baseball Thunderstick or You may looking for Custom LED Foam Sticks

Personalized Hand Clappers

Personalized Hand Clappers, Wooden Hand Clappers or LED Hand Clappers

Custom Foam Fingers

Custom Foam Fingers, Number One Foam Finger or Custom Five Foam Hand

Custom Baby On Board Signs

Do you need aCustom Baby On The Board Sticker? or a online car sticker design?

Custom Bobbleheads

You can have your own Personalised Bobbleheads or Custom Bobblehead With Voice Recorder and Custom Hockey Bobbleheads or Custom Bobblehead Cardboard Box

Custom Canopy Tent

Here we have 10x10 Canopy Tent,12x12 Canopy Tent,20x20 Canopy Tent. You can print you logo on the backwall,peak and sidewall as your like...

Plastic Card Services

We can offer Professional Plastic Card Services Provider , it includes Plastic Card Holders,Blank Plastic Cards . Custom Printed Plastic Cards ,Plastic Card Printing Machine

Custom Lanyard

Custom Breakaway Lanyards With Quick Release Buckle, Custom Breakaway Lanyards With Badge Reel

Screen Cleaner Sticker

Custom Screen Cleaner Sticker, Iphone Screen Cleaner Sticker QR Code Sticky Screen Cleaner

Custom Phone Case

Plastic Credit Phone Case, Silicone Credit Phone Case Adhesive Sticky Phone Case

Custom USB Cable

Type C Adapter or Custom USB Cable or Apple usb adapter between BM to Type C Or Micro B to Type C Cable Or USB 3.1 AF to Type C Cable..

Custom Bags

Custom Drawstring Bags,Custom Cotton Tote Bags,Custom Garment Bags and Custom Garment Bags,Custom Drawstring Backpack With Softball Shape For your different need..

Custom Paper Lanterns

Custom Lantern with complex design for your need.Custom Paper Lantern,Custom Chinese Sky Lanterns

Custom Bottle Openers

Custom Bottle Openers With Laser Logo.Custom Bottle Opener,Guitar Shape Custom Bottle Opener Keychain

Custom Flags

Are You Loking for Custom feather flags or custom 3' x 5' flag,We sells a wide range of custom flags, Sail flag, Car Wheel Base or Custom Hand Flags

Custom Ice Cube Trays

It is totally Customized Ice Cube Trays..

Lighted Ice Cube

We have four shape,they are Diamond Lighted Ice Cubes, Love Lighted Ice Cubes, Rose Lighted Ice Cubes. Stainless Steel Ice Cubes.

Custom Baby Bibs

We have Different Material For bibs.You can find the Cotton Baby Bibs, Paper Disposable Bibs, Custom Plastic Bibs. Personalized Adult Bibs.

Custom Print Service

We have Three Regular Custom Print Services include Custom Calendar Printing, Brochure Printing Services, Book Printing Services.

Desk Wind Turbine

Desk wind turbine With Custom Logo or Led Message Fan

Please let me know your idea?

Global Sourcing

We have long established relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of printed items in China. This means we have more great guys and their hard works to provide you quick-response-time service.
As well as supplying with promotional products, We can offer a in-hand price or distribution service for all organisations, This enables you to benefit from the cheaper prices of big purchasing from China direct.
If you need a customized-product of bulk purchasing or a China YIWU agent, we will do our best to reach your budget, We work with USA partner so we know the quality/price issue well.
we believe that we will provide best payment terms with you once you order reach our target per month. We like you grow and we extend our business to your country.we always try not to surprise your and will be your eyes and mouth in China.
We will let you know what happen here and give our advice if we face any problem.

Our Service

Promised Lead-time: We understand promotional is a very time sensitive industry and when we give dispatch dates they must be kept.we are more reliable because we will not do a over promise and
will be responsible for any delay which will bring you more client and long-term business.

Response Time: – So far we have a 6700+ promotional product database, i believe that it can support your provide informations to your client as quick as possible and it is still being add.
We have more great worker who work hard that will help you at 7/24 hours.

We see that Promotional products can increased sales rates by and most of their client are happy to do business after receiving a promotional items.
They will remember the name of advertisers who had given promotional items.

We understand that sometimes things go wrong with orders, we will communicate with us immediately so that together we can find a solution – we also want to keep issues to a minimum.
to be pro active and come to your with new/exciting products that will be relevant to your clients. We expect to build a strong working relationship with your who we trust to produce
quality, timely, competitive products.

China Sourcing Agent

If you are looking for a one stop shop which means a company who can deliver varieties of promotional gifts of the products..If we does not supply all of the items,
we can ensure that we could buy it from other supplier before sending your quotation. We need to ship everything in one container.
We understand that you may need a China sourcing agent who can not only save your money but Also bring more clients
for your by reaching limit budget.if you are sponsoring a Football team.we have great items here.
We can help you to win more project and are our engineer will glad to design a digital proof before order placing. If you need a custom giveaway items or cheaper price from China direct.
We are glad to have your custom logo on any items. All of the items we order will have our clients logo’s on,
So we only offer goods that can be branded (printed/engraved/embroidered)

Creative Services

We will send regular flyer to you if you need any one items to show to you client.


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