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Custom logo printed lenses sunglasses

if you are looking for a personal style promotional sunglasses for your night bar or ball.we think you need a professional sunglasses factory
and have a custom design for your own sunglasses or need a designer who can help to made different sunglasses frame with good quality and delivery time.
it would be better to have a sunglass that meet the cetification,as we have already have, CE,FDA compliance and UV400 protection,
Sungalsses with custom logo printed lens are good for Valentine's Day party, christmas party, fashion of decoration event, Soccer fans event, halloween's party.
if you want to print your logo on the arms it also works, just let me know you requirement.

Here We Have More Sunglasses

Logo Lens Sunglasse With Two Color Logo, Model #KMH102114-7

sunglasses with logo printed on lenses
the sample of logo lenses sunglasses review

Logo Lens Sunglasse With One Color Logo #KMH07061642-39

Custom logo lens sunglasses with two color logo,the heart design on the left
Custom logo lens sunglasses
Black frame, 2 color logo on both lens
Custom logo lens sunglasses
White frame,Party favor, 1 color logo on each lens.
Show the party theme. We hope you have a great time on the 2014 party..

Custom logo lens sunglasses
Custom logo lens sunglasses

Logo Lens Sunglasse, Model #KMH102115-8

logo on the lens which is design for 2012 party..
if you want to custom your own artwork insted of pinhole ,you can send us the designer you like direct to us email below.

custom logo lens sunglasses 2
custom sunglasses

Sunglasse with custom logo arms, Model #KMH102116-9

custom sunglasses
custom sunglasses

Please let me know your comment or any advice on laser lens sunglasses?

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Feeling Experience

As we know that the human has a broad field of vision.but when you focus on seeing details of targeted items,
you may feel tired even more having visions because the eye will be tired.
so Hand gesture that with circle of hand help to see more clear and avoid tired.just like seeing a moive.So the pinhole will help you to see more clearly.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths of Sunglasses

we have many years experiences on producing promo logo lens sunglasses, So we have a good relationship
with all the accessories factory.just let us know if you want to see a better price..

Custom design or personlized Service

We have experiences on offering custom made sunglasses.
if you are troubled by the price or need a better price oversea for new design,or need a oversea OEM manager who can completing on time or even more eyond estimate.
You can try to contact with us for more details.please send the eyeglasses inquiries to our email.


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