Key Shaped USB

Personalized key shaped usb drives

the usb shaped like a key,And the Key USB drive is one of most innovative products perfect to unlock the potential of your next promotional campaign.
we’ve managed to keep the Key USB price as competitive as our regular custom USB drives.

Key Shaped USB with Three Size

if you need a Super small, ultra-slim USB, We recommend the Key shaped USB with efficient, fast and free data transfer.
Key Shape USB Flash Drive has four size,42*23*2mm,55*25*2mm,55*24*2mm.Please let us know the size you prefer to.

Swivel USB Flash Drive #KMH1612141

Swivel USB Flash Drive artwork 1

Swivel USB Flash Drive #KMH1612142

Swivel USB Flash Drive artwork 2

Swivel USB Flash Drive #KMH1612143

Swivel USB Flash Drive Packing
Swivel USB Flash Drive Packing 2

Custom Shaped USB Flash Drives Service

The wood or bamboo material USB Flash Drives will be more environment-friendly, if the company which related with environmental industry will be prefer to purchase this kind of USB,
But the Swivel USB Flash Drive will be as cool as bamboo USB.

China Direct Service

want to buy USB but have a limit bugeted price? welcome to send us details we will help you to reach the target price and you will find there are more options..

What do you think about our USB dirves?


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