public 怎么试探要样品的陌生客户?




Hi, I'm interested in selling it to eBay. How much is the minimum order I could get to get a maximum discount? How can I get a sample of it?



We are Factory Direct Outlet in China. I use this charger very well by myself. Will give you a price break soon. Per sample, if you pay $50 express shipping fee I will send them express to you and will deduct it once you place the bulk order.


BTW our team can support your eBay business in the future for other benifit products.


Please send me some promotional samples.

Sorry We don't have such service for initial client. Thanks for this opportunity.


Ok, but in this way, we cant be a new client.

Yes it is true. But we have no enough budge to support more and more samples request till now. We have to support our regular clients in priority......

我们可以先故意的调研一下,不要直接回应我们给不给样品, 用当地代理为借口作为未来拒绝的缓冲。

Thanks for the opportunity, may I know where is your location? I want to know if we have agents there.


I can send you some per our stock. But they are heavy and cost fly charge and need to packing better. It might be cost you $200. What you say?


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