public ASI侵权,需要支付2美金/每个产品,Unauthorized image usage


view_moduleASI侵权,需要支付2美金/每个产品,Unauthorized image usage

Recently ,an ASI Supplier, XX distributors inc/lincoin ASIXXXXX,Contacted ASI alleging that you company's product,specifically,product number XXX,used their copyrighted photo.on tuesday,april,10,2018 you stated you had changed the image in question with another, you have,however,replaced the image with another OF xxxcopyrighted image

ASI has previously sent your company two ( 2 ) letters ( dated March 14 , 2016 and Aprilg , 20 16) regarding Various infringements in the ASI database . As you have chosen to use another company ' 5 image twice for the same product in question , you have shown that your Compafly 15 unable to demonstrate good business practices and are a risk to our distributor members . Ifyour Company 15 not authorized to use this lmagC , your membership will be terminated . Your account will be charged $ 2 . 00 / per product fee for the costs of processing your products in the database .



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