Custom Logo Projector Wine Bottle Keychain

Custom Logo Projector Beer bottle

It is different is best promotional gift for liquor distributor brand or beverage brand and wine brand.
how great it will be if you can have a scale model of the winebottle in the middle of the conference table or any tradeshow.
It will impressed all your client if you can send it to them as gift.You can have a mini bottle project wine bottle
gift of the Scotch Whisky,Vodka,liqueur,Rum, Gin, Stout, Tequila, wine, White spirits alcohol,red wine,ice wine,white wine,beer,whisky,brandy,gin.

Logo Projector Winebottle Feature:

Custom Heineken Projector Bottle With Keychain KMH5631856-39

Custom Logo Heineken Projector Bottle With Keychain

Custom Liquor Brand Logo Projector On The Wall KMH5631857-39

Custom Logo Projector Bottle With Keychain for Rum captain morgan

Wine Shape Projctor Your Logo On The Wall.

It shows How it works to projector your logo on the wall

Custom Liquor Brand Bottle Shape Logo Projector KMH5631858-39

This projector bottle is scaled down from real bottle for Skyy Vodka

Custom Keychain Projector you Logo at everywhere

The wine bottle is not limit. You can have a custom shape keychain that can projector you logo on the wall. Here we have three options for you reference.
It is ice cream cone logo projector keychain, Camera logo projector keychain.....

You can have a Scotch Whisky, Vodka,liqueur, Rum, Gin, Stout, Tequila, White spirits or any alcohol and liquor brand gift by using this mini bottle project bottle.

Custom projecotor design:

It can projects a full color image at 10″ in diameter when standing 3 ft from a flat surface.
Make this projector pen part of your marketing promotional gift to promote a film,
announce a new corporate logo or just about anything else that you can imagine..
it's great for many kind of promotional events, especially for brocast brands or video production services company.
We can manufacture projector pen with your own logo, after you place order,
please offer us the AI format logo, we will draw a design artwork for your confirmation. Custom projector image cost is USD 100,
Schedule time is 8 days. Full color full coverage projector image.
Here is some projector pen for your references, welcome to create your own projector image,So you can have a own projector pen.

Variety of custom Logo projector

Custom Projection logo:

Custom beer shaped projector keychain

Custom Cokecola Bottle Keychain With Logo Projector-KMH41013-39

Logo Projection Cans Keychain,KMH41014-39

Why projection Logo?

The novelty of projector keychain is that by scaling things down from
winebottle and ice-cream,everything to small size, that looks very cool and useful. It is can works as torch or flashlight.

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We are projector pen manufacturer who supplier projector touch flashlight or
promotional car shape projector, If you need anything new. Feel free to contact with us.

May i know you idea about our projector pen

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